A fast and precise DFT wavelet code

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A fast and precise DFT wavelet code
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The test farm is hosted at UCL in Louvain la Neuve, Belgium. This test farm is available for BigDFT developpers having a bzr branch on forge.etsf.eu. It can compile and run make check on different compilers and platforms. Special thanks of the BigDFT team to Jean-Michel Beuken for administrating the test-farm.


The different bots

  • lbuda_gcc45_gpu: it compiles BigDFT with CUDA and OpenCL, using gcc 4.5 and MPI. It runs the tests with run_ocl = 'on' on 4 MPI processes.
  • marsu_gcc47: it compiles BigDFT with OpenMP and MPI, using gcc 4.7. It runs the tests with 2 MPI processes and 2 OpenMP threads.
  • marsu_gcc47_psolver: it compiles the Poisson solver only and run the tests with gcc47.
  • marsu_intel12_omp: it compiles BigDFT with Intel 12 and OpenMP. Tests are done with 4 OpenMP threads.
  • taj_gcc47: it compiles BigDFT with MPI and bounds-check, using gcc 4.7. It runs the tests with 4 MPI.
  • taj_intel13: it compiles BigDFT with Intel 13 and MPI. Tests are done with 4 MPI processes.

Convenient tools

The web access to the test farm is currently restricted to some ranges of IP addresses, so following links may be broken, depending on your location.

Ask for an immediate build

This is the on-demand page. On can ask the test farm to run a branch on a specific bot or on all.

View the current bot status

On the waterfall page, one can see the running tests and pending ones. When loggued, it is possible to cancel a build by clicking on it and in the next page, click on the stop button.

View the check history of a developer

The grid page is convenient to view the history of a specific branch (here it is for the 'caliste' branch).

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