A fast and precise DFT wavelet code


A fast and precise DFT wavelet code
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Ok, I'm trying the SyntaxHighlighter for Fortran:

  1. subroutine read_wavefunctions(wf, iorb)
  2.   use module_base
  3.   use module_types
  4.   implicit none
  5.   type(KS_wavefunctions), intent(in) :: wf
  6.   integer, intent(in), intent(in) :: iorb
  7.   ! Local variables
  8.   character(len = *), parameter = "read_wavefunctions"
  10.   write(*,* ) "lol"
  11. end subroutine read_wavefunctions

And here is a test for YAML:

  #================================ Daubechies Wavelets for DFT Pseudopotential Calculations
 Code logo:
         TTTT         F       DDDDD
        T    T               D
       T     T        F     D
       T    T         F     D        D
       TTTTT          F     D         D
       T    T         F     D         D
       T     T        F     D         D
       T      T       F     D         D
       T     T     FFFF     D         D
       T TTTT         F      D        D
       T             F        D      D
     gggggg          iiiii    BBBBBBBBB
    g      g        i             B
   g        g      i         BBBB B
   g         g     iiii     B     B
   g         g     i       B      B
   g         g     i        B     B
   g         g     i         B    B
   g         g     i          BBBBB
    g        g     i         B    B
             g     i        B     B
            g               B    B
       ggggg       i         BBBB

 Reference Paper                       : The Journal of Chemical Physics 129, 014109 (2008)
 Version Number                        : 1.7-dev.15
 Timestamp of this run                 : 2012-08-05 18:35:56.361
 Root process Hostname                 : athelas
  #------------------------------------------------------------------------ Input parameters
 DFT parameters:
   eXchange Correlation:
     XC ID                             :  &ixc  1
     Name                              : "XC: Teter 93"
 Basis set definition:
   Suggested Grid Spacings (a0)        :  [  0.45,  0.45,  0.45 ]
   Coarse and Fine Radii Multipliers   :  [  5.0,  9.0 ]
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