A fast and precise DFT wavelet code

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A fast and precise DFT wavelet code
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Visit the gallery of available presentations, or download them directly from the list below.

CECAM tutorial — Multiscale Modelling Methods for Applications in Material Science (16-20 September 2013, Jülich, Germany)

CECAM tutorial — Atomistic and molecular simulations on massively parallel architectures (16-19 July 2013, Paris, France)

Electronic Structure Calculation Methods on Accelerators (February 6-8 2012, Oak Ridge, USA)

CECAM tutorial — Daubechies Wavelets in Electronic Structure Calculation (19-21 October 2011, Grenoble, France)

Workshop — First Yarmouk School for computational condensed matter systems (31st October 2010, Irbid, Jordan)

Workshop — Numerical Methods in Density Functional Theory (23-25 July 2008, TU Berlin, Germany)

CECAM tutorial — Wavelets in electronic structure (26-30 November 2007, Lyon, France)

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